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Infanta 2022 4th Quarter Report

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The mission work of Temple Bible Baptist Church in Infanta, Pangasinan started in prayers. In 2013, I resigned my work as a private school teacher to volunteer as a full-time church worker of Temple Bible Baptist Mission in Labrador, Pangasinan. In May of that year, as we were having fellowship at the beach, I drew a big heart in the sand and wrote, "Jesus loves me." At that time I prayed, "Lord, may you open another mission work in this place. Infanta is 75 kilometers away from Labrador.

After 5 years, in May 2018, I went back to Infanta where I was commissioned to start a mission work. The primary occupation of the community is farming and fishing. There are some salt makers and construction workers, and the rest are unemployed. The people are poor but those that are saved are rich in faith. The first Worship Service was conducted on January, 2019, inside a make shift building with bamboo and light materials. Please pray with us that we'll be able to build a more permanent house of worship.


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1 Comment

TohbieGina Balasoto
TohbieGina Balasoto
Dec 23, 2022

Praying for the LORD's anointing on your ministry, Ptr. Aldrick!

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