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Eddie Pornia

My Testimony

Before I got saved, my life was a mess. I was habitually stealing eggs, ducks, chicken, and sacks of rice. I was a terrible liar and a brawler, fighting without fear as part of my ego since I'm a son of a soldier.

My life became more miserable when one my brothers died in a fight with co-laborers at a construction site. My hatred grew intensely and I contemplated to kill when my other brother was shot in the chest with a steel arrow because he was trying to take revenge for our fallen brother. I lost my interest in schooling since I was preparing to go to war knowing that death would be a certainty. I gathered some knives, sling shots, and even stole my father's 45 magnum pistol. When I was about to execute my evil desire, God intervened by showing me the terrifying prospect of the lake of fire if I die in my sins and His loving grace through the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross for my sins.

In December, 1979, Silvino Subrabas, one of my high school classmates, invited me to a Bible study meeting. Right then, I was convicted of my sins and realized that I am in desperate need of God's forgiveness. With tears falling down I followed the sinners prayer and after which I felt free from my heavy heart and became a new creature. I give thanks for the grace of Jesus that saved and rescued me when I needed it the most.

38 Orange Street, Stella Maris Subdivision
Maybunga, Pasig City

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