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Aldrick Pasia

My Testimony

When I was just a kid I engaged myself to St. Camilllus Rondalla, a music group that plays instrument during a mass. At young age, I'm hoping that God would accept me in heaven when I die because I'm serving Him. Then came High School days, I became a member of Makati High School Choir. We sing songs every first Friday of the month. And because I'm thinking that I'm serving God, I used to think that by means of that I can assure my way to heaven. But none of these gave me an assurance.

When I finished studying in high school, We permanently reside at Taguig City where I met a basketball teammate who is Baptist Christian. He invited me to their house for a home bible study. I said yes for his invitation for the purpose of questioning them about my faith. But in the end instead of me asking them questions, Pastor Stevenson Villaflores asked a question that first time in my life I encountered. Where will you spend eternity when you die? I was shocked by the reality that I am not saved and I know for sure that He'll is waiting for me. But Pastor Stevenson said, But GOD loves you so much that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ. If you'll just put your faith on Him and to His finished work on the Cross of Calvary you'll be saved.

I won't forget that night. September 29,2000 I believed on Jesus Christ as my Lord God and Savior. I put my complete trust on His redemptive work on the cross. I believed His sacrificial death and substitutionary death paid it all. I believed it was sufficiently done and because of Christ finished work I received a free gift of eternal life and have a secured destination.

All glory, honor and praise to GOD for saving my soul. That night, I found the light that I've been looking for. I've found the truth that salvation can be known and be assured of while you are still alive. I got saved, I'm secured and sure of going to heaven when I die.

Since that day forward, Serving God sincerely is my way of saying Thank you to God for the salvation of my soul. Even though I'm still single, I'm in the Mission field planting a Church for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. In my whole clan, I am the first who got saved then my mother got saved also and my sister as well. She married a home grown believer and have their 3 children grown up in the Church. It started on me as the only believer, and now we are growing bigger. Still praying for my younger brother and my Father to be saved. Please do help us in prayers. We believed that Nothing is impossible with God. In His time. To GOD be the glory.

Baranggay Bayambang, Resettlement Area
Infanta, Pangasinan

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