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The Lord's Growing Work

Greetings in the name of the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ!


We, Cornerstone Baptist Mission members, are praising and thanking God for you who continue to support us financially and much more through your continual prayer. We’re blessed by your sacrificial and labor of love.

Last November 2023 we celebrated our 1st Mission Anniversary. By the grace of God we had an attendance of 70 people, which 20 of whom were the parents of the young people we prayed to be our visitor. We've been fervently praying for them as we conducted Bible studies with them that they may also be saved and join the church. We also had Christmas Caroling last December in which we raised a fund for instruments that can be used in church. My wife and I saw the heart of the youth members who were willing to sacrifice for the Master’s use. By God’s grace we bought violins and we started lessons in note reading.


We praise God for His marvelous works here in mission in the lives of the believers. We see them growing spiritually having the desire to be our partners in soul-winning, bible study, and children’s outreach. These have greatly impacted the community in a way that they can see God’s power that can change lives through His word. We are overwhelmed seeing the believers' excitement and courage to share God’s word. One of the things we greatly praise God is that we have now 2 adult attendees. Our prayer is that by March or April they will follow the Lord in water baptism.

Please do pray for us that we can find a spacious house that we can rent for a low price because we are now almost at full capacity. We would like to invite more and bring more in the church. There is an unfinished property in the front of the mission house we are renting and I talked to one of the relatives of the owner. We are praying that God will open the way to make them sell to us. I think the price is 150-200 thousand pesos. We don’t have that amount of money but our God does and can provide. Much more please do pray that many will be save.

You are always in our prayer together with the ministry. To Him be all the glory forever and ever.

Ranniel Balmaceda



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