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Ranniel Balmaceda

My Testimony

I’m Pastor Ranniel Z. Balmaceda of Cornerstone Baptist Mission. I got saved April 10, 2011 and was baptized May 5, 2012. My former membership was in Cornerstone Baptist Church under my head pastor Henry Ramos. When I was in 3rd year high school my pastor always asked me if I wanted to study in the bible school. After I graduated there was offer to me as call center agent but then the Lord talked to me to choose bible school to study there. I saw the joy my pastor had while serving. He brought me to Landmark Baptist College where I studied for 4 years. I’m amazed how I live for financially I had lack but praise God His grace is sufficient, to Him be all the glory.

I served the Lord in our church for 2 years then after that I went to Taytay, Rizal to be an assistant pastor. I experienced difficult circumstances that discouraged me to continue. I prayed that God would continue to provide and use me. After 3 years, He gave my lifetime partner Sis. Mary Ann and we got married March 11, 2022. After our wedding God reminded me of my calling to be His minister. I realized in my 3 years of running away from His calling He didn’t punish me but instead showed me great patience and faithfulness. I decided to go to mission field doing what He wants me to do. I’m very blessed that He gave a partner who also loves missions.

In August 2022 we started to saturate the place in Ruhat 3 Upper Mambugan. The Lord greatly put a burden in our heart to the people there that they really needed the Lord desperately. By God’s grace He entrusted us people so that by the month of November we started Sunday worship. We saw their willingness to serve God and eagerness to know Him. We celebrated our 1st Mission Anniversary last November 2023. Please continue to pray for us as we look for a larger place because we cannot fit anymore in the property we’ve been renting. Thank you for your labour of love and sacrificial giving for partnering with us in God’s work. May the Lord bless you and use you to support more missionaries.
To God be all the glory!!!

Siruna Phase 2 Brgy Mambugan
Antipolo City, Rizal

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