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Our lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday morning we gather together to express our heartfelt gratitude and love for our Savior, in a service of celebration. Our Sunday service provides a context where we worship God together and hear the word of God proclaimed and taught as we grow in our mission as a church.

You'll see people of all ages, nations, cultures and backgrounds who unite around the glorious gospel.

A Diverse Church
Friendly People

We love to meet new folks and to have guests join us.

Passionate Worship

Our meetings include blended music and the proclamation of the word of God.

Relaxed Atmosphere

You'll notice some folks who like to dress up for church and others who don't. Feel free to wear what's comfortable for you, and you'll fit right in.


Bible Study                  9:15 am

Worship Service        10:30 am


AWANA                                6:15 pm

Youth                                   6:30 pm

Adult Discipleship              6:30 pm

life is better together...
we are glad you joined us. 
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